In order to rediscover their body and relax their mind, Agriturismo San Martino’s guests are offered the possibility to reserve a massage in the “wellbeing zone” or to take part in outdoor activities: a great opportunity to devote time to themselves or to their beloved ones.

Wellbeing Menu:

Decontracting Massage
(50 min.) Euro 54,00
Intensive massage on shoulders and back, along the spinal column. This massage helps reducing the pain caused by stiffness and muscle contractures.

Sport Massage
(50 min.) Euro 54,00
Massage on specific body parts, aimed at improving athletic performance, reducing muscle tensions and preventing accidents.

Draining Massage
(50 min) Euro 54,00
Harmonic and fluent massage all along the body, with slow and deep movements that act on the liquids in excess, while modelling the body and improving the lymphatic circulation.

Anti-stress Relaxing Massage
(50 min) Euro 54,00
Harmonic and fluent massage that involves the whole body with sweet and rhythmical movements, instilling a deep feeling of relaxation and wellbeing.