Clavesana is a small village in Cuneo Province, situated in the South-Western part of the Langhe hills.

Its territory includes a flat portion of land along the left side of the river Tanaro, that is the core of the village and is called Madonna della Neve hamlet, with the groups of houses La Prà, Tetti and Gerino.
On the right side of the river Tanaro there is a series of hills that belong to the Lower Langa area: this part includes the historical centre of the village and the hamlets Lo Sbaranzo, Surie, Ghigliani and San Bartolomeo.

In the lower part of their steepest sides eroded by the river, these hills are covered in woods that are often interrupted by impressive natural badlands, in which it’s possible to see the lithological layering of marl and sandstone typical of the whole area.

The territory of the municipality lies between 258 and 641 meters above sea level. Its total altitude range is 383 meters. Seat of an ancient Aleramic Marquisate, Clavesana remained seat of the Marquis power from 1142 to 1387, year in which the Marquis Manuele II died.

The small domain covered an area that included even some Ligurian areas around Andora, at least until the half of the XIII century, when Bonifacio Tagliaferro devided it with his brother Ottone II. Up until then, the domain had always had a troubled life, since it was wedged among the various powers of the area: in the end, Genova incorporated the Ligurian Marquisates, whereas Saluzzo annexed the areas close to Mondovì.