Choose your ideal excursion among the Consorzio Turistico Langhe Monferrato Roero’s proposals:

  • Barolo
    There are two castles in this village. The oldest is called “La Volta” and dates back to the XII century: it was built outside of the village, was restored a couple of times but is now in very bad conditions. The second castle is in the centre of the village and its oldest parts date back to the XV century; both castles belonged to the last marquis Falletti and the one in the centre hosted Silvio Pellico. The castle Falletti in Barolo is now the seat of the Enoteca Regionale del Barolo and the WiMu, original Wine Museum by François Confino.
  • Albaretto Tower
    Only remaining part of a vast fortress built by Manfredo del Carretto in the XIV century. This tower is high, thin, has a square base and is crowned by a series of small blind arches.
  • Barbaresco Tower
    Dating back to the XII century, this tower has an almost square structure, with a side of about 9 m and an original height of about 36 m. It dominates the Tanaro valley.
  • Borgomale Castle
    Imposing for the height of its walls and for its strategic position, it dates back to the first half of 1400s. It has a mixed wall structure with stones and bricks and contains a more ancient tower on its inside. Being a private property, it’s not always open for visits.
  • Canale Castle
    Imposing quadrangular building almost in the centre of the village, this castle is in the middle of a big park rich in medieval traces. It was completely restored after 1512 by Daniele Malabaila who had bought it from Giorgio Roero; it still belongs to the Malabaila family today.
  • Corneliano Tower
    It is a unique example of building with a 10 side base. Built with stones, it has a decoration of blind arches at the top and dates back to 1300s; it is the only remaining part of a much wider fortification complex.
  • Montaldo Roero Tower
    Cylindrical tower made of stones, probably built around the end of 1300s: it is the remaining part of an old castle already existing in the XIII century.
  • Castiglione Falletto Castle
    Medieval building from the XIV century, built on a former fortress. The main part of the castle was completely rebuilt during the XIX century. Being privately owned, it is not usually open for visits.
  • Serralunga d’Alba Castle
    This castle is a fortress dating back to the XIV century and dominates the village from its top: it can be considered as an architectural jewel for its perfect structure and preservation. It was built by Pietrino Falletti between 1340 and 1350.