The church, the country house and the farmhouse were at that time the property of the father inquisitor of the Dominicans of Casale Monferrato, as testified by the painting dating back to the period depicting the bishop Saint Martin and the Dominican Saint Peter of Verona. 431 years later, the painting and the church, which is still consecrated today and is the oldest church in the area, have been returned to their former glory following a long and careful restoration carried out as part of the restructuring and transformation works of the ancient site in which the San Martino Holiday Farm is found today.

Since 1500, from our own vineyards, planted out with an excellent exposition, is born our own Dolcetto di Dogliani D.O.C.G.

The farmhouse San Martino owns 3 hectares of land that are devoted to the cultivation of the “Nocciola Piemonte”.
The hazel (Corylus avellana) is an ancient plant that lives and bears wild fruit all over Europe, particularly on the hills and the mountain slopes along paths and streams.
It was used by man as long ago as the end of the ice age and so long before the olive tree and the vine.